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Things To Know Before Visiting A Korean Day Spa In Sunnyvale CA

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By Jennifer Q. Elizondo

Everybody loves to be pampered every once in a while. You might decide to take a day off and just stay home doing nothing. You may also choose to take an even more relaxing option, like going to a Korean spa In Sunnyvale CA. This will leave you feeling calm, and your skin will be healthier and even more radiant.

Most of these spas located in the United States, are run by people who were originally from Korea and have Korean employees. Most of them are designed to look like bath houses and offer saunas, massages, and even body scrubs. Some have lounges where you can relax, have a meal, and even watch TV in between meals. In most of them, men and women are kept separate.

One thing you need to be prepared for is nudity. Whether you are going for some exfoliation, a massage, or just to laze in the sauna, you will be practically naked. They will provide you with a towel, but this will be too small to hide anything. If you are very modest, then this might not be the right place to go.

Before you leave the house, you should know that there will be no need to put on any make up, or to spray your hair. The moment you check in, you are required to first shower and then tie your hair and cover it. Most of the locker rooms will be equipped with blow dryers and tongs, in case you need to fix your appearance before you leave.

While you are moving from one session to another, you might walk into the sauna and find people resting peacefully. This is the same thing you should be doing. After booking yourself into this place, figure out how to relax, in order to get the most from the place. You will also need to know your limits. You might find that staying too long in the sauna, makes you feel lightheaded.

Sometimes, when you are going for a spa day you are advised not to eat anything heavy, before and after the process. At a Korean spa, this might be difficult especially, if there is a food court on the premises. As long as you are not going in for a massage or anything that requires you to lie down, you can eat some of the tasty foods that they will be serving.

Some of the spas only operate during the day, but you might find others which run twenty four seven. In order to make sure you get value for your money, as about the criteria they use to charge. This will either be per hour, or even per session. Going as a large group, will allow you to ask for discounts. You should have the cash or credit card on hand, to pay before you start.

In case you want to try out one of these spas, you can check online and get references to the best places in the area. You can also ask around and get recommendations from friends or family members, who have gone for sessions at these spas. Using referrals ensures you go to the right place, and prevents bad experiences.

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