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Having Some Fun With Tarot Card Meanings

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By Robert McDonald

Most people have been intrigued, at one time or another, with the occult. Some are true believers and others skeptics. Still others fall somewhere in between. Most of us have seen the hand up, palm-side out sign in the window of an old house indicating a palm reader. You have probably also seen signs with an exotically clad woman peering into a crystal ball advertising the services of a fortune teller. Advertising Tarot card readings seem to be more unusual, but are no less interesting.

Depending on what you read or who you believe, these cards may or may not go back to ancient times. Some adamantly state that they were commonly used in early Egyptian civilization. Someone else will tell you that there is no evidence for that, and the cards did not show up historically until the fourteenth century. Still others point to the eighteenth century as the earliest indication they existed.

The Fool for one usually denotes optimism, an adventurous spirit, and trust in the future. If you are a person who enjoys trying new things, acting without planning, or jumping headlong into the unknown and following where it leads you, this card may describe you. It may also be that you are about to meet someone who fits this description.

The Empress is a symbol of nurturing, creativity, and a love of the good life. She represents someone who has the ability to take things as they come while remaining cool, calm, and collected. She seems to be a friend of nature and abundance. The empress will probably remind you of that friend or person you work with who has all the confidence in the world in themselves.

Another card that is generally positive is the Emperor. This individual has strong opinions and a strong personality to match them. He is not opposed to going his own way and making unpopular decisions if he feels justified. His confidence and sense of power make him a formidable adversary, but he is not one to shy away from controversy and can be a strong ally.

The symbol of peace, self-containment, and solitude is depicted in the Hermit card. He represents the inner workings of individuals and seems to advocate a life of contemplation. Unlike the Fool, this is an individual who carefully thinks before he acts and wants to understand the consequences of his actions.

The Lovers is probably the card in the deck that most interests anyone who believes in a serious reading. Not surprisingly again, this is the representation of sexual desire, unity, and intimate relationships. Some fortune tellers will let you know however, that this does not necessarily represent a union between two people. It can have other meanings.

Having your future read by a believer can be very interesting and might give you something to think about on your own. It may help you work through some problems in your life in new ways. Even if you are skeptical and take the whole idea with a huge grain of salt, you will at least have fun.

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