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Importance Of Robotic Assisted Surgery Houston

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By Henry Wilson

Robotic assisted surgery is a new technology within the medical field. It was introduced in 2004. Despite, the fact that it was introduced recently, the technology has gained a lot of popularity. This is owing to many benefits enjoyed during and after surgery. Prostate cancer, gynecological cancer and other ailments associated with gastrointestinal tracts can be cured using this method of treatment. Application of Robotic assisted surgery Houston has been on rise since its introduction. For process to be successful, application of advanced computers is mandatory.

Surgical robot; the operating room machine is normally referred to as surgical robot. This machine is controlled by an experienced surgeon so as to as to make process successful. Skilled surgeon operating from a console, which is usually located close to bed of a patient, manipulates and controls mechanical arms to perform intended role. Incisions, which are smaller than those used during open surgery, are applied when performing this modern surgery. Such incisions are beneficial because bleeding is greatly minimized.

Another good thing associated with these small incisions is that they promote short postoperative recovery time. Skilled surgeons within the City of Houston, TX, perform a good number of robotic-assisted surgeries in a month. State-of-art computers are used during the process.

The process; surgeons operate surgical robot from a console within operating room. Miniaturized instruments are used by mechanical arms that are guided robotically during process. These instruments are moved via a key-hole sized incision within the patient. During this process, surgeon observes the progress with the help of a video camera, which is small enough to pass through a tiny incision. A three-dimensional image is normally observed from the operating place.

Clear image produced is important in ensuring the safety of nerves and muscles during this procedure. Robotic arms are capable of rotating through 360 degrees. This ability helps in increasing flexibility and precision for betterment. Using the normal anesthesia, most procedures take an average of two hours. Patient who are operated using this technology, do not require blood transfusion owing to minimal blood loss.

Benefits of procedure; patients, who undergo this procedure, are usually discharged from the hospital the following day after operation. However, this is possible if lab results are pleasing and pain controlled. During this process, less pain is experienced. Little blood is lost during process. In addition to that, recovery time is short. Most patients, who undertake this process, are able to resume their day to day activities after about two weeks. Indeed, there are many benefits of this technique compared to the traditional ones.

Less bleeding; robotic arms are usually very accurate. They do not tamper with blood vessels. With this ability, too much bleeding is prevented. Since the whole process is accomplished after a short duration of time, loss of blood is reduced in the process. Indeed, this new technology is highly advantageous.

Criteria used; there are many different things that are considered before one is allowed to undertake this procedure. It is true that not every patient can make a good candidate for this technique. This makes it necessary for surgeons to discuss comprehensively with patients before the procedure so as to gauge their eligibility. Patients are also given an opportunity to decide the procedure they wish.

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