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Dealings Of San Diego Mediums

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By David Stevens

Acting as a relay between the actual living world and the unseen world otherwise known as the spiritual world, these are persons who have since had a popularity for their practice from as back as part of the 19th century, the same time when such fan base came crumbling down. Probably due to the never ending critiques from science practitioners and other individuals implying that the San Diego mediums acts simply was composed of staged plays.

Such inquisitive research was undertaken by a psychological society in British which found negative results to their subjects portrayal of any kind of such medium-like abilities. However, cases of mediumistic activities have since been reported most common of all, cases where an entity takes over a human being and all being evident through a strange voice emanating from the victim.

The basic capability claimed by those who partake in such acts would include extracting valuable details from the dead and at the same time explaining details to the same through an established talk. Additionally they are endowed with the capability of acting as a vessel through which the dead in the form of a spirit uses to relay the needed details.

A classification of mediumship falls into two categories. Either those who use mentalism or those who tend to bring a physical manifestation of the spirit. Those who use mentalism simply listen into what the spirits are implying through an application of extrasensory perceptions. Physical manifestations would then involve a visible reaction from the spirit. The act has also been portrayed repeatedly in movies and other television shows, whether under fiction, fantasy or true story genres, it is for one to decide.

Back in time, spiritualism was practiced as is portrayed by the story of King Saul and Prophet Samuel. The king sought help from an individual conforming to the practice regarding insights of the fight that was to come. This led to the raising of a then deceased prophet Samuel. Later on between the years 1920 and 1930, several people conformed to spiritualism as a practice and as a belief.

However several of who claimed to possess such abilities were exposed as frauds, probably just using the claim to defraud the unknowing. A notable case is that of Colin Evans, an individual who purported that spiritual beings gave him an airlift, thereby being able to float in the air. Records of outcomes witnessed during such activities have been recorded and published. For instance one Dorreen Phillips wrote of such encounters in the year 1958.

Religions as the Catholic denomination and Christianity outrightly teach its congregation against such acts. The scriptures clearly state this in the book of Leviticus where it is written that such acts should not be sought after for God is against such. Currently, with the emergence of technology and the quick information flow, this act has found a place. With specific sites where those inclined to practice the act offer their practices to those in need. A sophistication to the old practice.

From individuals as Chip Coffey, Allison Dubois and other, this practice keeps going through the 21st century with sophistication as the only difference. However, the controversy in its actual existence, and its overall explanation seems to be a looming subject that has not had a once and for all solution.

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