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Sexual problems in women

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 Sexual problems in women

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Sexual problems in women - all
Many women suffer from problems with sex at some point in their lives. Below is a look at some form of sexual dysfunction in females female sexual dysfunction , with counseling on the request for help when this happens.
It is estimated that sexual problems affecting about 50% of women, but becomes more common with advancing age in women. This can include sexual dysfunction loss of desire, loss and irritability, and problems with orgasm, and pain during sex.
To identify the underlying causes of impotence or sexual dysfunction, to be thinking about all of the physical and psychological factors, including women's relationship with her husband.


Infects loss of desire, or lack of sex drive, some women at certain times of life (such as pregnancy or times of stress). But some of them suffer from it at all times.
Could be the loss of sex drive a set of physical or psychological causes, including diabetes, depression, marital and relationship problems, and disorders of hormones, and alcohol and drug abuse, and fatigue, and painful sexual experience before.
It also may reduce the sex drive if the natural levels of testosterone in women is low; where testosterone is produced in the ovaries and adrenal glands, and therefore could reduce the levels of these members after mastectomy or for not doing its job correctly.
Can help women psychological treatment to overcome the problems of orgasm, which is based on the exploration of her feelings about sex and marital relationship, as well as exploring her body.


These problems can be divided into two types: primary (when they are not women had already felt the tremor intercourse before) and secondary (when a woman has already felt the euphoria of nationality in the past, but do not feel it now). Some women do not need to have an orgasm to enjoy sex, but the inability to reach orgasm can be a problem for some women and their husbands.
Could include the reasons why women do not feel the euphoria of sexual fear, or lack of knowledge about sex, or the inability to interact freely with the spouse, or a lack of motivation enough by the husband, or the problems of the marital relationship, or mood disorders (such as depression ), or previous traumatic sexual experiences. And is currently being sought for some medical conditions that affect the nervous system and blood supply to the clitoris, to see whether it affects the orgasm.
Can help women psychological treatment to overcome the problems of orgasm, which is based on the exploration of her feelings about sex and marital relationship, as well as exploring her body.


The pain during sex (or so-called dyspareunia dyspareunia also) is common after menopause (menopause, menopause), and low levels of the hormone estrogen and vaginal dryness; where it can affect the women's desire to have sex, but there are creams (Raheemat) may be useful, and asks her doctor or pharmacist.
Vaginismus vaginismus occurs when the muscles around it appear strained Shada or involuntary Once you try penetration (during intercourse) or enter something in it (finger or Aldhsh). Vaginismus and makes sexual intercourse difficult or impossible (can completely closes the vagina), and may be painful. However, symptoms can vary from woman to woman.
Vaginismus may be caused by a false image or painful sex, or vaginal trauma (birth, episiotomy), or the problems of the marital relationship, or the fear of pregnancy, or in cases of painful vagina and the surrounding area.
Vaginismus is a case of completely treatable; If the reason psychologically, can be treated with medicine sex sex therapy, where the patient is being help to overcome little by little to the problem by resorting to means of training vaginal vaginal trainers and relaxation techniques relaxation techniques. It can also require the patient to counseling or cognitive behavioral therapy cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) when necessary.
If, based on the treatment of vaginismus determine the cause; If found clear organic cause, such as injury and trauma or infection, can be treated in an appropriate manner for this reason.
If it is not the reason so obvious, it can be trained sick on some methods of self-help self-help techniques in an attempt to resolve the problem, where the transmit general practitioner sick person qualified in sexual health, and who trains the patient on some of the techniques that will restore to the vagina response Natural toward penetration, as well as the advice or treatment of cognitive-behavioral, when necessary, providing for the patient advice about cope with psychological issues hidden (such as fear or anxiety), and the treatment of cognitive behavioral seek to change any beliefs irrational or misguided about sex (sex education) , may include a pair of these processors as necessary.


These means, loosen the muscles in the vagina, on the use of a set of tools, a smooth four cones sized appropriately, with the size of a graded increase in height, can be used in the home to ensure privacy.
Enters the smallest first, using gliding when necessary; When you feel sick and relieved after using smaller cones, they can move to the second size, and so on (which is the same method used in cases of esophageal stenosis after suffering burns chemicals). It may take a period vary from one state to another, between days to months.
After that women become able to afford larger cones without feeling anxious or any pain, they can try to experience sexual intercourse with her husband.
It is important to note that in cases of vaginismus, can not cones vaginal extension or expansion of the vagina infected Btadhaq severe; Women living cramp vagina have vagina normal size, and the limited role of the cones simply to train the vagina to accept penetration without shrinking automatic pelvic floor muscles.


If you were not the way the cones are appropriate or acceptable to women, could benefit from relaxation exercises relaxation and exploration survey or exploration.
The bath and massage (stroking) and breathing exercises are good ways to train the body.The processor can be trained on the patient's gradual relaxation method called progressive relaxation, where this method of tensing and relaxation of different muscles in the body by special arrangement, then practiced diseased tensioning and relaxation on the muscles of the pelvic floor can try before the introduction of a cone or her finger in the vagina.
When you reach the patient to the stage where you can put her finger in the vagina, it can then be trying to enter Dhsh, using gliding when needed.
But, it is important that the patient be Mitrith and nice in these attempts, and to inform the ultimate sexual arousal when experimenting with sexual intercourse and penetration.


To determine the cause of sexual dysfunction, could pose a doctor or therapist questions about the medical history of sexual and social status of women. It also may be required to conduct some tests to see medical cases behind this problem.
If the problem is related to a lack of hormones (such as testosterone or estrogen), can remedy the situation Almaadh hormone.
The treatment of other conditions, such as diabetes or depression, can lead to relieve the symptoms of sexual dysfunction as well.
In many cases, sexual dysfunction, could benefit the treatment of sexual. Therefore, it is preferable to talk with the pair about the problem, see your doctor and therapist together if possible. No justification for feeling embarrassed; Many people suffer from sexual problems, and there are ways to get help there

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