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Important Information On Psychoanalytic Treatment NYC Patients Should Know

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By Patricia Hamilton

Psychotherapy is one of the most important forms of treatment for persons that have mental and behavioral disorders. Many forms of this therapy exist all with various benefits and downsides. The common feature among them is that they allow the client to express themselves freely before the therapist. Among the most important is what is termed psychoanalytic therapy. If they intend to undergo psychoanalytic treatment NYC residents need to understand a number of things beforehand.

The objective of the treatment is for the therapist to establish any significant past events that may have a bearing on the current status of their client. Persons that have been subjected to traumatic events, for instance, have been shown to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD. A child that was denied parental love may be antisocial in their adulthood. Finding these events is an important step towards solving the problem.

Other than PTSD and strained relationships, this therapy is useful in many other cases. It has found use in the management for low self-esteem, depression and self-destructive behavior. Studies show that majority of the persons that are taken through the therapy report improvement of symptoms. In one of the studies at least 80% of clients showed improvement at one year. Chances of success are high if there is a strong bond between the client and the therapist.

One session of therapy takes between 30 minutes and an hour. The number of sessions and the duration of therapy needed depends on the severity of the condition. In general between one and four sessions per week are required. The main role of the therapist is to provide a favorable environment for the client to talk about their problem. Client confidentiality ensures that your therapist does not share your information with any third parties.

Your therapist will choose one of several techniques to conduct the session. A technique known as free association is among the most preferred. Here the therapist pronounces random relevant words that are meant to spur a conversion. The client is expected to speak freely and spontaneously as guided by the pronounced words. The therapist will then try to work out a pattern from the words of their client.

Another effective technique is dream analysis. In this technique, the therapist and their client work together to look for possible hidden symbols in dreams experienced by the client. The general perspective of science with regard to dreams is that we tend to dream about issues in our subconscious. Such issues have the ability have the ability to affect our behavioral patterns either positively or negatively. Transference is the third option the therapist may consider.

The therapy has forced opposition from some quarters due to a number of reasons. One of these reasons is that the therapy is quite lengthy and this may in some cases, cause the condition to deteriorate. Related to this is the associated cost which appears to be relatively high making the therapy out of reach of many. Modern therapists have worked to reduce intensity and duration of treatment to counter these downsides.

The use of psychoanalytic therapy has continued to increase over time. A number of professionals have been trained to offer this kind of therapy including psychotherapists, social workers, nurses, psychologists and psychiatrists among others. It is important to do some research before settling down on a therapist bearing in mind that you will be sharing sensitive personal information. If at loss, consult your primary doctor for a referral.

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