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Beautiful Herbal Blends Loose Leaf Tea

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By Edward Perry

Mother Earth provides everything you need. If you enjoy drinking tea, and you still haven't discovered the beautiful world of herbal blends loose leaf tea treasures, it's time to do it. Teabags might contain a fragment of a taste these blends provide, but this is something that simply cannot be compared to a real thing. It's entirely different experience.

Preparing high quality blends, as well as preparing and serving tea, is something that is considered to be a real art, at least in some countries. In China, offering a cup of this aromatic beverage has much deeper meaning than simply sharing a drink. There are some special rules associated with it, and every part of the process has its own meaning.

All those beautiful herbs, blossoms, fruits and some of the most exciting spices you can imagine are handpicked and preserved in their natural form. They come from all parts of the world, and most of them are purely organic as well. They are caffeine free, although there are some blends with different characteristics, depending on your personal taste.

Chinese people consider that there are seven daily necessities. The tea is most certainly one of those necessities. Others are, you've guessed, rice, soy sauce and vinegar, accompanied by oil, fire wood and salt. In any case, this popular beverage plays more than important part in their culture, for ages, and became an important part of the culture in some western countries as well. Never forget to say thank you if someone serves it to you.

Numerous wonderful herbs supply ingredients for really interesting and tasteful blends. Some of them are widely known and popular, for example Rooibos, Black and green tea, Or maybe Oolong. Several blooms are also really highly appreciated, such as hibiscus. This wonderful flower is not only beautiful, but really tasteful. Besides, it also provides beautiful color to your drink.

Spices are especially interesting addition. Some are widely popular and you are already familiar with their aroma and taste, for example with vanilla or cinnamon. Others might pleasantly surprise you. Different fruits are used to make these combinations even more tasteful. You will find widely known fruits such as apple or orange there, but also some that you wouldn't expect, for example, coconut.

English breakfast, Darjeeling, Rooibos, Sencha, Pearl river, Assam, the list of amazingly flavorful teas is long, and it will take some time to try a small part of this amazing selection. Even so, when you build your specific taste, you will know what to search for. Everyone has characteristic taste buds, and there is no mixture that will be perfect for everyone. You need to find your own favorites.

The tea ceremony has deep meaning in some parts of the world, but you can enjoy in various amazing tastes without any special ceremony as well. You can even use your favorite combinations on entirely different ways. For example, you can make really special ice cream using some of them. Green macha is simply amazing addition to any ice cream or smoothie, and it is not only delicious but also really healthy.

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