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When To Choose A Minute Clinic Omaha Residents Like To Frequent

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By Christine Lee

Medical situations always seem to occur on weekends, holidays, and during the early morning hours. If you have experienced this phenomenon, you know that you can go to the emergency room, if your situation warrants it. Seeing your personal physician is probably not an option. Urgent care facilities may not be open. In these instances, Omaha, Nebraska natives are increasingly turning to the minute clinic Omaha pharmacies have available.

One of the most positive aspects about these clinics is the fact that they are open all day every day. Most towns have at least one pharmacy that offers these services, and many are located in the middle of neighborhoods for the convenience of their customers. You don't have to make an appointment. You can get your prescriptions filled where you see the medical professional.

These are not specialized clinics. They serve all ages and genders. You might find that they are not prepared to accommodate an infant or toddler however. The medical staff will probably refer you to your pediatrician in this case. Sitting for an extended period of time in a waiting room with a sick child can be challenging. At one of these facilities, you will get prompt service.

You should not assume a retail clinic can be take care of major illnesses or injuries. For these kinds of issues, you need the services of a physician or emergency room. These facilities are prepared to treat individuals with fevers, colds, infections and viruses. You can get the shots you or your children need here. If you need your blood pressure or heart rate checked, the staff can help. They may perform other routine tests as well.

One important reason for their growing popularity is the affordability factor. An emergency room visit can end up costing hundred of dollars or more. A routine doctor's visit is also expensive, especially if you don't have insurance. Retail clinics on the other hand, are relatively inexpensive, and the prices they charge for their various services are published.

Minute clinics are not substitutes for emergency room care however. You should not expect them to have the facilities or the staff needed for major medical situations. Most do not have physicians on sight. When you go to one of the clinics, a licensed practical nurse or doctor's assistant will probably be the one examining you. Since there are no actual physicians in attendance, some individuals question the quality of care they will receive in a pharmacy.

Not everyone is comfortable going to retail clinics. Some feel more secure with the doctors and nurses they have established a rapport with. You should also be aware that the medical staff at these facilities do not have the authority to access your medical history or records.

Retail clinics are an excellent option in certain situations. They are accessible at all hours, conveniently located, and affordable. You may not always go to a retail clinic, but they can readily handle minor injuries and ailments.

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