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What You Need To Know About Plasma Replacement Therapy

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By David Schmidt

Ideally, the tightening and rejuvenating effects on your skin is usually made possible by Platelet Rich Plasma also known as PRP. As a result, plasma replacement therapy, utilizes the PRP present in your blood to stimulate the production of collagen and to enhance the texture and elasticity of the skin. Usually, this treatment is applied in areas of the skin around the neck, eyes, hands, and face.

The therapy normally takes place once per every three to four months for an individual. It also includes a remedy session which goes on for one hour. The follow up treatment involves three or four sessions within a 30 days gap between each session. Throughout the treatment, the PRP is got from the blood by filtering out the platelet cells from red blood cells. The PRP is then injected into the skin in series.

This form of treatment goes way back in regards to how popular it is all over the world. It is famous for the treatment of injuries got from either surgical procedures or sporting activities. The Platelets help to clot the wounds since they are naturally sticky. Usually, this facilitates in rapid recovery of the wounds and development of cells. In addition, it makes the skin more refreshed and even tighter which makes an individual to appear young and glowing.

Generally, this treatment tends to be safe due to the fact that it uses the blood from your body. This is also beneficial because it is possible to prevent allergies and other adverse effects. However, it is more time consuming compared to botox therapies hence not viable for individuals who need results within a month.

Upon the completion of this form of treatment, the patient may notice some reddishness, swellings and bruise spots near and around the treated regions for two weeks after the procedure. However, this can be covered up by use of complementing make up.

The plasma replacement treatment is usually crucial in curing dry and flaky skin, enhancing growth of hair and getting rid of wrinkles and fine lines. It may also be utilized to improve the texture and this is also applicable to the skin all over the other parts of your body except just your face.

Normally, patients are required to get prepared for the procedure. This is for instance by not smoking and not using any kind of illegal drugs. Patients should also avoid excessive use of alcohol and any anti-inflammatory drugs for around two weeks prior to treatment and six weeks subsequent to the treatment. You will also be expected to stop the use of supplements that are rich in omega 3.

The results of the treatment become evident after three weeks. However, for a patient with prior cases of drugs, tobacco and alcohol consumption, it may be difficult to note the changes after the treatment. In addition, wrinkles and scars may be hard to get rid of. Nevertheless, light dermal rolls may be included to improve the results together with needle rollers. The treatment is generally safe and effective in improving the skin appearance and hence is recommendable to anyone with a skin issue.

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