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A Few Things You Need To Know About Heterochronic Plasma Exchange

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By Dennis Barnes

Since the olden days, people have been trying to find ways to live forever. Although we have not yet discovered how to do this, many medical and non-medical solutions have been found to prolong longevity in humans. If you want to do more than exercise and eat healthily to extend your lifespan, then options like going for heterochronic plasma exchange may be just what you need. Before you decide to sign up for this treatment, here is what you should to know about it.

Plasma is a component of blood. Therefore, this exchange is done in a way that is similar to a blood transfusion. However, there are specialized machines used to separate the plasma from the rest of the blood, and then it is transferred to the recipient. For this process to work, the donor needs to be someone young and of good health, while the recipient is someone older.

Before this process can be done, you will need to undergo a full medical checkup. This will ensure that any conditions you may have, are documented in your patient history. This is usually a routine procedure before any transfusions, but it is vital in this case because the presence of certain conditions can make this process risky or simply doomed to fail. Talking to a doctor will also allow you to ask any nagging questions you may have about the procedure, and even what will happen after the exchange is done.

When dealing with blood, as long as the donor is healthy and of the same blood type, the risks are usually small. Since plasma will further be separated from the blood, this further reduces the risks of this procedure being harmful. Furthermore, this process has been thoroughly tested and has even been approved by the food and drug administration agency.

For this treatment to succeed, it needs to be administered properly. Therefore, you have to identify trained physicians who do this, and facilities that offer this service. You should confirm that those clinics have the necessary modern equipment and excellent aftercare services.

This procedure has been around for a long time, but not many people know of it. Therefore, the places that offer it are also not that many. However, with the new advances in the field more clinics are opening their doors and providing this therapy. To avoid having to wait too long, book an appointment as soon as you make up your mind.

Within and outside the medical community, you will find that not everyone is one board with this process. Although it may be perfectly safe, and legally approved not everyone thinks it is ethical. However, considering that this therapy is used to save lives, you should have no moral qualms going through with it.

In some situations, the donor will be provided for you, while in others, you might be allowed to choose someone yourself. Either way, the person will also have to be fully checked to ensure that they are in good health, and therefore, a suitable donor. Unless there is need to compare genetic markers, the donor and recipient will not necessarily need to be a family member.

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