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Mystical Studies And How They Work Today

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By Charles Kelly

Mystics can trace their roots to the most ancient of religions, many of which can have a surviving tradition, sect or denomination. A lot of methods for worship come also come from these and may be found in traditions, customs or cultural mores in a country who had them. In one sense, the virtues in these are founded on the rituals or ceremonies that they used.

This will be mostly lost nowadays, or they may be driven into the subconscious of the people, and come out only in their traits and habits. Mystical studies have this kind of concern, and is driven in part by a search of connections to religions that are far gone. The memories and records are lost, and memory is a sensitive thing that can be affected by wars and constant migrations.

The shaman worship were in widespread practice, a worship that was truly animistic, about physical survival. The things worshipped were animals and trees, and churches and other religions have denounced these as barbaric. One custom was about having kings who were treated like divinities, although when his hair first turns white, he will immediately be killed on a ceremonial field.

The ceremonial killing of this king on the fields was supposed to fertilize them, to make them fruitful. The blood of this once powerful being will satisfy the divinities of nature and therefore make the land bear bountiful harvests. When the problems about agricultural and nature became less, another kind of mysticism came in.

This was more about philosophy, deeper views of the cosmos, and it was first promoted during the rise of Jews or even earlier. The philosophers who became mystics would later found powerful religions now formally established today. They were instrumental in creating schools and the academe, inspiring the rise of arts, culture, and science and technology and the like.

The more formal studies about mysticism can belong to the academe, where people like theologians and psychologists can be. They have records that have been purged so that they fit the plane of higher concerns characteristic of all axial religions. These were founded during a timeline that lasted a thousand years, when humanity transformed, like Buddhism, Islam and Christianity.

Practices considered base are often seen as throwback behavior embedded in racial memory, and these can include herd violence. But then, there is really no proved connection to the religions accused of being their cause. These studies will be those whose aim is to look for those elements of these practices that operate or are active deep in modern cultures.

Churches consider many base practices cardinal sins, related to domestic practice or in the more social settings of public places. The studies here can make this the threads leading into the dark labyrinths of religious practice said to have died centuries ago. The axial establishments once were zealous in wiping these out, although no one is sure that they have really died out.

Most of the relevant studies here can be based on systems that are for cleanliness and contemplation. The vows can include penitence or abstinence, although the studies are mostly secular in nature and will continue shedding light into the darker corners of human history. This can aim to accomplish a very high sense of what is divine in the heart of humanity.

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