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Learn More About DaVinci Robotic Surgery Houston

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By Kenneth Murray

Technology and science affects every sector and industry. There have been advancements of robots that are utilized in every field of our lives to ensure work is more efficient and easier. In the field of Medicine, robots are employed in operating rooms, for example, the DaVinci robotic surgery Houston.

This system works hand in hand with a surgical system that comprises of the console which is the operation platform, a side robotic cart with four robotic arms and three-dimensional vision systems. Surgical tools are mounted on the three robotic arm while the fourth one controls the camera. The whole system is controlled by the surgeon while the camera provides a three-dimensional magnified video image used by the operating surgeon to monitor the surgery.

The computerized approach ensures that the operation is not invasive in a large way and it is ideal for prostate, cardiac, head, neck, mitral love, gynecological, urological and hiatal hernia corrective surgeries. The operation is popular and a lot of people have embraced the treatment.

The system has a few benefits. It is constructed so as to minimize invasiveness during operation. This, therefore, decreases the loss of blood in the course of the procedure compared to traditional surgical techniques. Patients that have gone through operations by utilizing this system do not require blood transfusion. The tissues, muscles and nerves heal faster; they are neither touched nor changed and if so it is very slight. Usually, only the areas that are affected are operated and left to recover leading to less discomfort.

Computerized surgery is effective and it offers the best treatment to body parts such as the heart. The surgeon is able to view the ailing parts and execute surgery in the right way using the 3D images reducing chances of failure. Traditional procedures lacked three-dimension images and it was not as effective as modern approaches. The operation is easily directed to the ailing body parts without touching the other parts that are not having a disorder.

Usually, fewer scars are left on the skin as the robot make small incisions and do not leave large surgical scars when the wound heals. This makes it effective and has even been proposed to be helpful in operating children, and facial body parts. Previously, patients avoided surgery for fear of the degree of invasiveness of the operation. But with the introduction of computerized operation, patients are opting for the operational treatment due to its minimal invasiveness during the process.

A patient recovers in a shorter period of time and the admission period is shorter compared to traditional approaches. There is minimal follow up once the operation is completed. A patient heals and gets to work. There are low chances of contracting infections that are brought by open wounds, the wound left by the operation is very small reducing chances of getting a disease.

In Houston TX robotic surgery has some limitations as well. The device is expensive and might not be affordable in small hospitals causing the procedures to be expensive. They have also led to the loss of tactile sensation for surgeons. The number of surgeon assistants has been reduced greatly leading to loss of jobs to many qualified surgeon assistants. Nevertheless, it is so effective in treatment.

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