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How To Choose The Right Supplements For Pain Relief In Horses

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By William Cook

Do you know what kind of supplements your horse needs? With the variety of horse joint supplements available on the market, it can sometimes be confusing which supplements for pain relief in horses you should use in certain situations. Here is some information to help you sort through all of your confusion.

Joint problems are probably the most common amongst horses and if you want your horse's joints to be healthy and strong then you are going to have to supplement his diet with high-quality joint supplements. By being involved in competitive horse riding disciplines you end up traveling a lot and traveling can cause a lot of stress to your horse. We all know that stress can negatively affect performance and this is where horse calmers come into play.

A horse joint supplement is essential if you want your horse to stay strong and give its best performance for a long time to come. They can help fulfill the nutritional requirements of an animal and they can also cure mineral deficiencies. Specific ones can also provide pain relief and muscle formation. Joint supplement for horses are designed to improve joint flexibility and to encourage cartilage formation around the joints.

If not properly looked after horses can develop serious joint problems such as arthritis and this can dramatically affect your horse's mobility. To minimize the chances of your horse developing conditions that can affect his mobility it is recommended to supplement your horse's diet with products that contain both glucosamine and MSM. It has been proven and tested that these two ingredients aid in the renewal of the connective tissue in and around the joint which is what you want to prevent degenerative joint disease.

Many horse joint supplements, like those containing MSM, have properties that work to relieve discomfort in horses. However, other ingredients in horse joint supplement can also be an effective tool against discomfort. Since most joint discomfort is caused by internal pressure inside an inflamed area, if the horse supplement is able to reduce the inflammation, the discomfort is often relieved somewhat if not completely.

To make sure that your horse gets all of the essential vitamins and minerals to be in the top condition you are going to have to supplement his diet with high-quality feed balancers.

Other ingredients found in horse joint supplement may also provide relief for pain. For instance, hyaluronic acid and manganese are both ingredients that help produce new fluid around a joint. With this added fluid, the joint is better cushioned; this means that even after the swelling goes down, your horse will be less likely to experience severe pain caused by the joint rubbing against bone.

The fact is that grazing conditions are not perfect all year round and as a result of this horses during a certain period of the year such as autumn or winter don't get as many vitamins and minerals as their bodies need. This is where feed balancers come into play. They are packed with everything that your horse needs and you can use them all year round.

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