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What To Expect When Visiting San Diego Mediums

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By Patrick Watson

Losing a loved one can be very difficult, even years after their passing, especially when one did not get the chance to say goodbye or things were left unresolved. It is very common for people to seek the assistance of an individual who has been gifted with certain psychic abilities and clairvoyance. However, there are some things anyone wishing to visit with San Diego mediums should known before their reading.

The first thing one needs to understand is that while a medium is psychic to a degree, psychics are do something completely different. Psychics actually tune in to a living person's energy field and picks up on various thing related to their life. A medium on the other hand, is linked to the spirit world and their purpose is to give voice to those who have passed from this world on to the next. They do not read minds or predict the future.

Another key point one needs to realize is that one medium may not always get messages in the same way as another, conducting their demonstrations and readings in the way best suited to their gifts and individual personality. Spirits communicate in many ways including, but not limited to, automatic writing, emotional influences, manifestation, auditory input, and visions. Some are only able to use one of these methods, while others might get multiple types of sensations at the same time.

Although serving as a conduit, a medium can not actually control which spirits they get to speak to in a session, what it decides to share, or how long they will remain in contact. To some extent, this is affected by the attitudes and energies emitted by the people in the room, whether it be an individual or group. More satisfying results will likely if everyone comes with an open mind and readiness to be receptive.

The medium - no matter how they receive their connection - does not always get very clear information. Sometimes the things a spirit is trying to convey are very clear, other times they are impressionistic and require interpretation. For instance, the image of someone in uniform could be unclear whether that person is in security, a policeman, or involved with the military. One should be patient and do not get discouraged if something is not said exact.

An important a medium wants to stress is that clients should not volunteer any information that is not specifically requested for clarification. One should only answer simply with no, yet, unclear, or maybe, always responding honestly. This is how they can work to fine tune the way they are interpreting the impressions and get to the actual message being conveyed. It is alright to clarify genuine mistakes such as saying Sandy when the name is Cindy, or misinterpreting military for police.

The spirits may not provide their relationship connection with the client, or their name directly. It is not uncommon for them to provide the medium impressions of things that were defining to them specifically such as health issues, familial connections, physical traits, hobbies, favorite foods, or something else that would help a loved one recognize them.

The success of a session depends largely on the energy of all participating. Everyone needs to make themselves receptive, positive, and open minded. Through this, the lines of communication with the spirit world are more attuned.

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