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Learning About Non-emergency Belize Medical Care Transportation

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By Amanda Schmidt

People with special medical care need regular visits to the doctor maybe for a routine visit or just even to top up their dosage. There is a need to ensure that such needy individuals can be taken to the doctor in the safest way and in a manner that does not infiltrate the peace and freedom of other road users making it good to get facts about non-emergency Belize medical care transportation.

In reality, most people are not aware if such services exist in Belize. It is important, therefore, to define in simple terms what they actually offer to their clients; the non-emergency transport is usually offered to patients who need to see their doctor but not for something that needs special attention but just for a comfort and safe movement owing to their condition mostly.

Compared to the emergency transportation, one will realize that for the emergency ones, they will only be used when the patient is in a critical condition and requires medical care instantly. Paramedics usually do the job in most cases. On top of this, there is a need for ensuring that the patient is given some fast aid along the way to keep them alive and more so to avoid permanent damages especially in their internal organs.

These services are provided for by some companies not only in this area but also in other states of the country. There are some who allow these services to be part of their clients health benefits. However, charge for the every trip made. For those who use the service to their medical benefit, the number of trips made is not restricted.

Despite appearing to be an exciting thing, there is a limitation on who should be accessing this service. One group is those who can be able to drive themselves using their private facilities. Another group is those who cannot use a public transport facility due to their current medical condition.

It should be categorically clear that these services are not just for those having a medication appointment with their doctor. Those going for other services like dialysis, an ongoing chemo session or even a sudden need for counseling are allowed to benefit too. One should, however, assess if they meet the criteria of being a beneficiary of the services.

Since not everyone qualifies for it, one needs to get a prescription that they have been approved to use the services before being allowed to. The application begins by the patient calling on to their doctor who will fill a form when they find it suitable for their patient to use the service. The form is then sent to the service provider who will then do the actual job come the due date.

The importance of these services cannot be ignored owing to the vital role that these companies are undertaking. The vehicles used are normally designing with unique fittings that put the safety of the clients at hand. If the situation and paperwork allow, a patient can even be flown to another state or country for a unique medical visit.

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