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Learn Why Quick Video Recipes Are Popular On Social Media Sites

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By Gary Martin

Anyone who has been on a social media site has seen at least one sixty second food clip. These are quick video recipes that show viewers how to prepare a tasty dish. The clip will begin by showing ingredients and preparation and end by presenting the completed dish. The clips can be saved, commented on, and shared. Often the comments have to do with how the dish tastes, if they liked it, and some folks offer variations on the recipe.

Some people will give variations on the recipe in the comments to make it more appealing. The number of food videos that end up on social media is increasing. Some clips will be appealing to your taste while there are other clips that will not. Some recipes are so easy and look so yummy that people feel as though they want to make the dish as soon as they see it.

The little mini movies keep folks coming back for more. The bright colored ingredients and ease of preparation appeals to the pleasure center of the brain and keeps folks mesmerized. The clip takes the pain of cooking away and even appeals to those who hate to cook. When these enticing clips begin you will may fell the urge to save them or share them. The clips may be especially attractive to folks who learn by visual example.

If you like to cook then these clips will give you about 60 seconds of enjoyment. You will see that the clips have grabbed the full attention of many viewers when you read the comments. Many of the recipes you see in the clips are actually the creation of an employee of the studio. They have likely tried a new recipe over the weekend and brought it in to be fine tuned, made into a video and edited.

For one production company, the social media fans came close to 50 million in under a year and experienced 84 million comments. Also, close to 8 billion views have been tallied and increase every day. Even though the majority of folks will not make the recipes they continue to view, make comments, and share the videos.

People stay connected with relatives and friends through social media so it is understandable that they share what they find enjoyable. Food is like a universal language and is what connect friends and relatives. Sharing a food video is one way to keep a connection with folks.

There is such an overload of content on social media sites that is refreshing to see quick clips that are entertaining. A food video is non intrusive and provides a pleasing image of tasty foods. A lot of folks go to their social media site and search for the clips that offer them the opportunity to be entertained without having to think.

Food videos are an enjoyable change from the senseless status posts and political rants. It can be quite relaxing to watch someone quickly and simply prepare a yummy looking dish. After a hectic day it can be very satisfying to sit back and watch mindless and entertaining clips.

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