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Define Your Style With A Carved Bone Turtle Necklace And Earrings

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By Margaret Snyder

If you are the kind of person who loves beach jewelry, but now want pieces to wear that offer something more unique, consider upgrading to a carved bone turtle necklace and earrings. These types of pieces will aid your quest to make a new and bold fashion statement. This is because anybody can become more stylish when wearing such simple but gorgeous accessories.

One great thing about bone jewelry is that it can match anything. Since most jewelry of this type is comprised of neutral colors such as white or off white, browns, and black, it can compliment outfits of any color. This makes it easy for your new turtle jewelry to become a go to accent for any outfit.

Another great benefit of these types of accessories is that they can be worn with casual or formal wear. These pieces will look just as great with your beachwear as they will with your eveningwear. Everywhere you go, your earrings and necklace will surely become conversation pieces.

This special type of beachwear can also be enjoyed by both women and men, making it even easier to select the perfect set. If you have always found yourself worrying that any jewelry you pick might be too feminine or too masculine, this will put that debate to an end. Not only will each accessory match your personality and tastes, but if you are a man buying a pendant who does not want ear wear, you can give those to your sweetheart, and become a matching set.

Since these turtle accents can easily be considered unisex, they always excellent gifts for any occasion. If a special someone is in your life who you want to buy a gift for, but you have no idea what to get, now there is a solution. This will be something that anyone can enjoy and cherish.

Another noteworthy benefit of bone jewelry is the fact that it is so durable. A lot of jewelry today is made from thin metals or plastics, which often leads to cracking, bending, and ultimately breaking. In stark contrast, necklaces and earrings made out of animal bones will hold up to just about anything, even if you wear them all the time.

Another special attribute of these keepsakes is that they are generally crafted by hand. A lot of wearables today are mass produced in factories, which creates lots of identical pieces that have had no passion behind them. Instead, carved pieces are hand made by artisans and since no two are perfectly alike, each is special.

Whether you are someone who loves the beach, is into marine biology, has a fascination with turtles, or just really appreciates unique jewelry, there is a pendant and earring set just waiting for you. Once you purchase one of these special sets and start wearing it out, it will not take long before it becomes your go to fashion accessory. In fact. You may find that you like your new turtle jewelry so much, that you wind up starting a collection.

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