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A Short Discussion On DaVinci Robotic Surgery Houston Texas

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By Steven Howard

Many people around the world have a surgical procedure done at least once during their lifetime. Those that have had an operation know that there are certain risks and side effects any time you go under the knife. Whether it is a somewhat simple and common procedure, such as removing the tonsils, or a more complicated surgery, such as a gastric bypass, there are risks and recovery times that can be made even greater by human hands. A modern development of a robot helps lower the risks that are associated with operations. In the state of Texas, the robot is used in a variety of ways. If you live in the area and are faced with the fact that you may have to get an operation, check into the DaVinci robotic surgery Houston.

The DaVinci robot that helps in so many surgeries was developed by a company called Intuitive Surgical. It is an American based company and they got approval by the FDA in 2000. It has assisted or performed over 200,000 surgeries a year for the past few years. It has been proven that the surgeries performed by the robot are less evasive and patients experience less recovery time.

Although the procedure may be performed by the robot, the surgeon in charge has control of the mechanical unit. It is controlled by a console that the doctor using his knowledge and experience to guide it. This often helps keep the procedure minimally evasive because of the way the wrists of the unit can move in ways that the human hand cannot.

Over the past few years, the popularity of the unit has increased. This is because the unit is so good at what it does, many of the bigger hospitals have purchased one to decrease the risks and recovery time of their patients.

It is often used in heart surgeries and other complicated procedures making the unit a must has in bigger hospitals around the world. The robot is capable of doing life improving operations with shorter recovery times. This creates more open beds in the hospital, cutting down on medical bills.

It was created to perform laparoscopy and has excelled in that area of surgical procedures. Before the robot was created, a surgeon had to do the procedure while in a standing position. The tools and instruments needed in this type of procedure are often long and not flexible, making it difficult to reach certain places. Many times, the surgeon would have to keep an eye on where the instruments, such as scalpels and clamps, by looking away from the patient to look at a nearby monitor. With the use of the robot, there is no need to look elsewhere for the information that is needed to keep the patient safe and perform the operation without risking damaging the brain.

The one downfall of the robot is the cost. It can be over two million dollars to purchase the unit, then thousands more every year for the required maintenance and up keep. This can be a risky purchase for many hospitals across the world, but those that have one say it helps in many ways.

The units are used in just about every major country in the world. Many doctors agree that the price of the unit is justified by its many uses. Not only does it help the surgeon in complicated procedures, it can also reduce pain, blood loss and recovery time for the patient.

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