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The Best Spinal Decompression Clinic In Santa Monica

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By Sybil Anderson

Life becomes meaningless if you have to live everyday of your life with excruciating back pain. Every day is a desperate search for freedom as if you are imprisoned for life. However, with chiropractor Santa Monica, your suffering is now nearing an end. Though doctors and other health professionals have said otherwise for years, this new non-invasive procedure will relieve you of all the pain you have ever experienced.

The main beneficiaries of spinal decompression are those who have to deal with lower back and neck pain resulting from injury, old age or any other cause. This procedure utilizes technology to identify the affected discs and apply pressure to begin the process of healing.

The back is very delicate meaning that any procedure touching on the area must have the highest threshold of safety. The absence of drugs or surgery and the use of computerized pressure application make this among the safest procedures. It also means that you will not be dealing with any side effects. It has provided a solution where none existed in the medical circles.

The idea behind decompression is to increase the space between discs to reduce friction. It also works by minimizing herniations alongside ensuring that facets are separated. This is one step that will provide the space with the possibility of healing. By aligning the joints, mobility improves without the traditional excruciating pain.

How do you know that you need an appointment at the clinic? Are you experiencing excruciating neck and lower back pain? Have you been diagnosed with sciatica in the recent past? Do you feel numb and tingly especially the upper and lower extremities? Is lumber or cervical degenerative disease causing irritation and a pinching feeling? Did the doctor say that you are suffering from spinal stenosis? If you are familiar with any of these conditions, you are the perfect candidate for decompression treatment.

But why is this procedure unique and preferred for painful spine related conditions? The application of weight is gradual and computerized. This means that logarithmic mechanisms are used in applying pressure. The absence of sudden application of weight means that you can rest with ease or freely during treatment. It is therefore perfect even for the elderly. There are no shocks to deal with which might damage the spine.

The application of pressure on the spine is rhythmic. It happens in circular motions targeting particular discs. The cycle involves one minute of pressure and 30 seconds of release. This helps to create a sanction motion through which blood, oxygen and nutrients are allowed to flow into the affected area. This speeds up healing of the surrounding tissues and disc.

Sensitive and computerized motions guarantee safety when dealing with this procedure. Your spine receives highly controlled and specific pressure. There is a guarantee that pressure will not damage your back. It is also a dignified procedure where you are not required to strip in a theater or consultation room. You have a chance to say goodbye to excruciating pain without surgery or tiring medication.

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