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Basic Notes On Holistic Medicine Treatment

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By Amanda Davis

Holistic medicine simply means consideration of an individual as a whole, psychologically, physically, spiritually and socially as well as prevention of disease. This approach is supported by the idea that there exists link between human physical health together with the overall well being. In Holistic medicine treatment tends to treat the symptoms although it also considers the underlying cause of such symptoms.

Human body is always viewed as an interdependent part an individuals whole being. The natural state of the body is basically one health and any kind of ailment is actually the imbalance of the system of the body. Therapies used in this approach usually emphasize on proper nutrition while commending on avoidance of the chemicals which tend to pollute the body.

Some of the health systems which are holistic include homeopathy, old Chinese medicine as well as the naturopathic medicine. Most of the natural therapies usually have a holistic approach but this is not always the case. There exists no limits of disorders or diseases which can be treated using the holistic approach. This is because the principle of this approach is to balance the entire body, spirit, emotions together with mind so as to make the body system to function smoothly.

When a given individual seeks this kind of treatment due to a given illness then some other health conditions usually improve without undergoing a direct treatment. This is because an individual experiences an improvement in the immune system performance which is basically a goal of this particular approach. Majority of individuals are currently trying this kind of healing especially in the instances where chronic diseases have failed to be healed using the allopathic means.

This approach actually encourages participation of patients in the patient doctor relationship and also patient empowerment. Both doctors together with nurses are also viewed as key participant in this particular approach. One of the major benefits of using holistic therapies is that it has very few side effects especially when used correctly.

Holistic approach does not only focus on the physical health of an individual but it also focuses on the spiritual and the emotional health which significantly improves the general well being of a person. One of the biggest advantage of using this particular approach is that it has limited side effects if it is used correctly.

Most often this usually results to what is commonly known in alternative type of medicine circles as basically healing crisis. This usually comes about when the cells start eliminating poisons to the blood stream while at the same throwing the entire system into a toxic overload state until when it clears the backlog.

But majority of practitioners recommend that if only the whole of a person is treated that is the only time general happiness and the overall health can be achieved. These practitioners stress that both the emotional and spiritual health usually contributes as much as mental and physical health to an individuals general state of wellbeing.

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