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Who Can Visit Marijuana Dispensaries In Phoenix

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By Ashley Rogers

Medical marijuana is the term used when the whole unprocessed marijuana plant or its derivatives are used for the purpose of treating symptoms or diseases. This substance has not received recognition or approval by the United States Food and Drug Administration as a form of medicine. However, it continues to be used in many parts of the world for the treatment of disease and relief of symptoms of disease. Marijuana dispensaries in Phoenix are located in many places.

The benefits of cannabis are still under intensive research to determine their validity. Research is mostly focused on the cannabinoids found in the plant. So far, research has been able to make the FDA to approve two medications that contain cannabinoids for use by the public. More medications with cannabinoids in them are likely to be invented with further research.

Many claims have been made about viability of use of cannabis for medical purposes that debates are underway to force its legalization. Many groups fighting for the legalization of medical marijuana are based in the US but the same thing is happening worldwide. In the US, some states have already allowed the use of the substance for medical reasons only. Laws governing the use of cannabis varies from state to state.

The FDA is unable to approve and recognize medical cannabis as a medication because of lack of sufficient research about it. Medicines have to be tested on thousands of human test subjects to verify the risks and benefits they bear on people before being approved for use on the general population. That is something that researchers of cannabis have not been able to do. Therefore, the FDA cannot approve cannabis for use for medical reasons without enough data to support the claims made about it.

The cannabis plant contains cannabinoids, which are chemicals. These chemicals have a close relationship to the main ingredient contained in cannabis called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). TCH has mind- and behavior-altering ability in human beings. Several other cannabinoids are contained in cannabis besides THC. Abusing most of these cannabinoids comes with serious side effects.

Laboratory production of cannabinoids have been going on for a long time. Illegal manufacturers make them for sale to people on the streets while scientists make them legally for use in research and treatment. Synthesis of cannabinoids also occur naturally in the human body. These cannabinoids help with various body functions like regulating body movement, pleasure, memory, awareness of time, concentration, and thinking. Others use are in regulating appetite, senses, and pain.

The medical fraternity is mainly interested in cannabis because of two key chemicals found in it, that is, CBD and THC. THC has several medical uses. The uses include reduction of nausea, boosting of appetite, reduction of muscle control problems, pain, and inflammation.

Conversely, there are not mind altering or behavioral effects associated with CBD. The main effect of CBD is reducing inflammation and epileptic seizures. In addition to that, CBD is thought to be able to alleviate or treat patients with mental illness. So much research in this direction is still underway.

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