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Relieve Pain Through Energy Medicine

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By Walter Gray

Human bodies can be complicated when it comes to determining what type of treatment will work the best. Many are brought up to think that taking oral medication will solve things. However, it can only mask the pain or ailment instead of curing it for good. Energy medicine takes the time and expertise in learning about pressure points that may be the source or discomfort or stress.

Alternative medicine may seem new to some but its roots goes back centuries to eastern continents like China. It also goes by many names like therapeutic medicine, esoteric healing and contact healing. Not only have these been proven to relieve pain and chronic ailments but emotional matters. Studies have even shown it to be successful with animals and some surgical procedures.

Good health starts with a strong immune system, which is something that many do not realize. After coming in contact with different people and toxic air throughout the day, the body can be compromised. When this is ongoing, there is high risk for infection, pain and emotional fatigue. Eventually it becomes difficult to fight off colds, flu or other airborne illness.

Some people who are constantly tired may be for a different reason. Even if they have had coffee or feel well rested, the fatigue is still present. These feelings may be linked to something internal, or mental, that can hamper productivity. While prescribed medicine may seem like a permanent cure, its side effects can be dangerous when not administered correctly.

This type of treatment works with persons of various age groups and is becoming the choice for those who want to transition from pills. Of the many different types of alternative medicine, there are even more in energy treatment, like energy psychology. It is compared to acupuncture but does not use needles but pressure points are stimulated, or tapped, so that the senses are restored. A practitioner may use one of many different methods.

The Emotional Freedom Techniques or Thought Field Therapy are the most commonly used for treating post traumatic stress syndrome. While mental health practitioners may use this as part of therapy, social workers and life coaches may practice this when working independently with clients. It has also been used to relieving chronic pain.

These techniques can also help to regain natural energy and restore mental focus through the stimulation of senses, or pressure points. Body breakdown may be the result of food lacking the proper nutrients, being out of shape, or the repetitive motions while working long hours. Sometimes converting a work environment to one that is ergonomic is not the answer, even when productivity improves or the person seems to feel better. Only an assessment by a professional can pinpoint the problem areas and a treatment plan.

Going with alternative medicine, either as a primary or complementary treatment, is becoming more common. Chances of becoming addicted are slim and there are even procedures that can be done at home or on the job. Recent studies show strong data in regard to its effectiveness and patient satisfaction.

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