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Important Information On Massage Therapy Culver City Residents Need To Understand

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By Jasmine T. Larue

Massage therapy is a practice that has been with us for many centuries. It has undergone numerous changes so as to keep pace with changes occurring in the entire medical field. It is considered a part of complementary and alternative medicine. The treatment may be offered in isolation or together with other forms of treatment. There are some important things on choosing a massage therapist in Culver City clients need to understand.

One of the most important benefits of this treatment is stress relief. This is achieved through a reduction in heart rate, insulin and cortisol levels for a session lasting between one hour and one and a half hours. A group of chemicals known as endorphins are released through the process. One of the benefits of these chemicals is that they improve the mood and induce relaxation of the individual. Examples include serotonin and dopamine.

Improved body posture is another major benefit of the treatment. Application of pressure to muscle groups and joints helps realign areas that may be out of position which in turn helps in the correction of abnormal posture. There is also a reduction in muscular tension and muscle spasms. This is especially important in athletes. The main focus is one the muscles of the neck and back.

Chronic headaches (particularly migraines) have been known to be relieved through this treatment. If not adequately managed, these types of headaches tend to lead to problems such as sleep deprivation and mental stress. One of the benefits of this exercise is a reduction in the number of episodes and intensity of headaches. The pressure associated with migraine is markedly reduced on areas such as neck muscles, shoulders and the head.

The therapy can be administered in a variety of setting that include hospitals, private clinics, sporting facilities, nursing homes and even client homes. The main consideration is that the location that is chosen should be calm and soothing. Since success is greatly dependent on the skill of the therapist, research adequately before choosing the therapist.

A medical history is usually required before you are taken through a session. The importance of this is that it helps the therapist to have an idea of the kind of problem one is suffering from. A physical examination is frequently needed as well. The technique to be used in the processed will be determined by the underlying problem. Commonly used techniques include rubbing, kneading and pressing of muscles.

No major side effects can result from this type of treatment as long as it is done in the right manner by a qualified therapist. Rarely, clients may experience, mild discomfort, pain, bruising and swelling in the areas that have been subjected to pressure. The therapist needs to exercise caution when dealing with certain conditions. Such include, for example, bleeding disorders, fractures, tumors and healing wound.

Massage therapy has benefits for both sick and healthy people. Some of the benefits of this therapy include pain relief, sporting injury rehabilitation and management of anxiety and depression. The average individual will require one to two sessions to realize the benefits. It is important that you choose your therapist carefully.

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