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For Top Cosmetic Dentist Houston Should Be Prioritized

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By Carolyn Scott

Cosmetic surgery is a general term used to refer to dental work that aims to improve the appearance of teeth, gums or other parts of the mouth. Although improvement of the appearance is a major factor in this profession, it is not obvious that the dental works performed will result in the improvement of function of teeth. When in need of top cosmetic dentist Houston is the best location to consider giving priority.

This field predominantly focuses on improving dental aesthetics in terms of size, alignment, shape, and position of teeth and the overall appearance of the smile. Most dentists often refer to themselves using the term cosmetic dentists without regard to their specialty, training, education, and experience in the field of dentistry. The use of this term has often been regarded as unethical because it aims to market oneself to patients.

A major issue has resulted from the use of the term aesthetic dentist by some dentists. There is no formal recognition for aesthetic dentistry as a subspecialty in dentistry by the American Dental Association. Regardless of that dentists still use the unrecognized term to advertise themselves. Orthodontics and prosthodontics are the only subspecialties of dentistry that focus on dental aesthetics.

Three main tasks are involved in cosmetic dentistry. The first task is the addition of dental materials to the gums or teeth. Materials commonly added include porcelain veneers, crowns, bonding, and gum grafts. The second process is the removal of gums or tooth structures. Gingivectomy and enameloplasty are some of the processes performed. The third process does not involve adding or removing any material or structure. Gum depigmentation, teeth whitening, and laser whitening are entailed in this process. Another process involves straightening teeth after appearance has been enhanced.

Teeth whitening is one of the most commonly performed processes of cosmetic dentistry. Today, there are many options for whitening teeth. One of such options involves the use of over-the-counter products. However, of all the options available, dentist-supervised treatments are the most recommendable procedures to use to lighten teeth that have been discolored.

Laser teeth whitening is another method of recovering the white color of teeth from discoloration. This method is considered the best and most effective among all methods used for this purpose. It involves covering teeth with rubber before applying bleaching chemicals on them. The bleaching chemicals are meant to make the whitening process to happen faster. In comparison with other similar methods, laser whitening has been found to be six times more effective.

Previously, the manufacture of tooth restorations like dental fillings was done using metals such as gold and amalgam. These metals were sometimes veneered with porcelain. That has changed since as composite materials and porcelain have been adopted widely. Preference for these new materials is because of their close resemblance with natural teeth in all aspects.

The materials are colored like teeth also. They are bonded to underlying tooth structure using resin adhesives. As opposed to silver fillings, these new materials do not contain mercury. New materials and procedures continue to be introduced as this field continues to evolve.

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