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Understand The Functioning Nature Of The Healing Crystals

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By Pamela Stone

Civilization has brought about recognition of the power of crystals and other types of stones. These stones have become expensive not only because of their attractiveness but also the power which is possessed by them. The Healing Crystals have been used by used by healers, shamans, and priests due to their outstanding and extraordinary features. The crystal stones used for healing are not so popular with medical doctors and scientists despite them being famous.

There is so scientific proof to show that crystals can be used for healing, the reason behind this being, illness is not brought about by the flow of energy in the body. Additionally, no scientific study has revealed that the chemical or color contents of the stones can be extracted and used for curing of diseases. Nonetheless, healing by these stones still remains popular in the health field.

It is believed that these stones vibrate at a similar pitch as humans making the resonance between humans and the stone to either fight the vibration of the ailment or else amplify the vibration of good health. For this reason, they are used as alternative treatment technique to cure and protect against diseases. Advocators of this technique claim that the stone acts as a conduit for healing allowing the healing energy to flow into the body while the disease causing energy gets out.

Many people are rediscovering this ancient and usually forgotten form of cure, as well as recognizing the role it plays in the curing process. Although there are many crystal stones across the globe, only few are utilized in this form of treatment. However, the easiest way of understanding their healing power is by learning their color properties. This stones come in different colors such as red, pink, orange, green, yellow, light blue, black, white, violet and indigo.

Red crystals are responsible for energizing, stimulating and activating the body. The ability of someone to execute the day to day practical skills is linked with them. Enthusiasm, movement, and defense as well as bodily skills of survival are also linked with them.

Pink stones, on the other hand, bear a gentle and subtle technique of pressing items to a resolution. In general, pink brings about emotions and sensitivity in each days actions. Pink crystal stones may as well be utilized in the release of emotions that are unexpressed. This stone promotes attraction of love and self-love to other people.

The focusing and bracing skills from the orange stones combine in helping artistic skills and creativeness to enable them develop and prosper. Passion fostering of self-worth and inspiration can be improved by the orange stone. Liveliness is also promoted by this stone; this is because they uphold blood supply to organs and tissues. They are also responsible for sustaining vitamins and mineral salts absorption.

The functioning of digestive system, nervous system, and immune system is determined by the yellow stones. Stress, fear, happiness, and satisfaction are also linked with them. Green stones are associated with the heart. Relationship and emotion balancing is done by them. Communication and throat are linked with the crystals with are light blue. Internal communication, sight, smell, and taste are linked to it. The Vibration of light blue crystal is believed to control the thoughts of a person and the ability of the person expresses themselves.

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