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Try Acupuncture Columbus As A Treatment Plan

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By Christine Thompson

Acupuncture is a medical procedure which is not only used in pain relieving but also in correcting imbalances of energy in the body. Diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases, as well as, improvement of general health, are the common traditional reason for acupuncture. Many benefits connected to Acupuncture Columbus make it a favorable procedure in the alleviation of many types of disorders.

Acupuncture involves inserting fine needles at specific points and at various depths for preventative or therapeutic purposes. In most cases, this form of treatment is seen as complementary or alternative treatment, although it is used for a wide range reasons. This treatment is usually given after a proper diagnosis and has been proven to stimulate nerves in the muscle tissue and under the skin.

When used, the body produces pain relieving substances such as the endorphins which is why this treatment is more associated to relieving pain. However, traditionally, this treatment is based on the belief that energy flows through the body and restores health. Acupuncturists use this form of treatment to treat various pain condition such as lower back pain, headache, and osteoarthritis. They also use it to help people with other varied conditions such as anxiety, asthma, infertility and the likes.

When certain anatomic sites referred to as acupoints are stimulated by the improvement of the function of the body, they cause self-healing, this is the principle by which this treatment is based on. Inserting of fine disinfected needles in the skin up to particular depths stimulates the acupoints. By this, stimulation of heat, electoral and pressure are stimulated. Heat therapy, manual massage, use of medicinal herbs and cupping could be other techniques of stimulation. Improvement of digestion, sleep, pain relief and well-being are achieved by having various body systems stimulated.

The length of treatment using acupuncture is different from one person to another. For some people, they get dramatic relief in their first treatment while others will require several other treatments. Chronic treatments, for instance, may require one or two treatments within a week for several months. For acute conditions, fewer treatments may be recommended and in most cases eight to ten visits.

Generally, the treatment is safe when carried out by qualified acupuncturists. In as much as some people report experiences of certain side effects like drowsiness, these side effects may be short lived and mild. Therefore, it is imperative to ascertain that your acupuncturist is licensed or is under healthcare practitioner regulations.

There is no difference between the first acupuncture visit and a visit for other treatment. Comprehensive assessment of the patient medical history is done. Examining the tongue, feeling the pulse and asking questions that are relevant is done by the doctor primarily. Needles are then inserted under the skin up certain heights. They are then left there for about five-twenty minutes, the minutes should not exceed 60.

Since the goal of this treatment in Columbus OH is to restore and promote the flow and balance of energy in the body, its benefits are many for different disorders. Such disorders range from digestive complaint to emotional disorders. It also used for rehabilitation for people suffering from stroke.

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