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The Benefits Of Using Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Technology

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By Virginia Barnes

Metabolism in humans is fostered by blood cells and body tissues. Nutrients acquired from feeding and inhaled gases are transported via blood to other body parts. The blood as a transport fluid relies on numerous cells to perform this task. A decrease in cell count and cell functionality can alter with the normal body functioning. Note that factors such as aging and sickness cause cell depletion. Pulsed electromagnetic field technology can therefore be adopted to treat these cell dysfunctions.

This technology is used to minimize pain, inflammation, platelet adhesion and stress effects on the body. It has been extensively used for several decades to treat medical conditions in both animals and humans. National agencies in charge of health have placed this innovation as a priority for research. This is because of its increasing benefits as well as the positive impact it has on the health sector.

Human bodies comprise of blood plasma that transports oxygen and absorbed nutrients to various body parts. The signals can also trigger blood circulation and oxygenation in body tissues. Furthermore, when blood is circulated properly, health conditions like high and low blood pressure are mitigated. Cell regeneration on the other hand depends on nutrient absorption and blood circulation too.

This innovation was also adopted to increase immunity in human bodies. It has been singled out as a safe and effective treatment option. The ability of the body to fight disease causing micro organisms relies on the number of white blood cells. When this innovation is adopted, fractured bones and tissues are repaired. This works for people who have initially sustained injuries during an accident.

This technology works based on the fact that atoms, cells and chemicals produce electromagnetic fields. Every body organ also produces its own energy. According to science, human bodies have trillions of cells that communicate through electromagnetic frequencies. Every metabolic activity taking place in the body relies on the existence of cells. The pulsed waves have low frequencies and can penetrate through all the body organs. As they penetrate, they stimulate chemical and electrical processes in both cells and tissues.

Pulsed electromagnetic devices are designed with certain specifications. These include signal strength, stimulator types, waveforms and frequency levels. Parameters used to measure frequency are low, medium and high. These devices are also priced based on their specifications. For example, those that have high signal strengths are more expensive when compared to low signal ones.

Devices that emit this form of energy also have super fast induction velocities. These velocities are measured with respect to the signal strength of waves emitted and the distance covered by them. When pulsed waves are introduced into the body, they penetrate tissues, cells and bones with respect to the velocity of their signal transmission.

The gadgets also allow computer connection for people to select from a long list of treatment protocols. You can create and save your programs on a computer when using these gadgets. They are environmental friendly since they emit non toxic signals. You also have the freedom to choose one out of the four models that are available for sale. You can feel pulses in your body using a simple magnet found within the device.

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