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The Assistance You Can Get From A Compounding Pharmacy

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By Diane Peterson

Most individuals usually get prescriptions from their doctors and take them to their favorite pharmacies to be filled. If you usually do this, you may have never thought a lot about the medicines that may not be filled at your favorite drug store. Most pharmacies today only dispense medicines. However, a compounding pharmacy can get the components needed to make a certain drug, measure them accurately and mix them in order to create a particular medication.

A compounding pharmacist can also omit ingredients from the medicine which may cause an allergic reaction in a patient. The pharmacist will primarily make a precise mixture of chemical substances that are safe for the patient in question. The professional can also add some kind of flavors to medicines to allow children to take them without restraint.

A pharmacist who knows how to compound drugs carries out the process with the aim of creating products that will fit the unique requirements of patients. This includes the size, age and weight of the patient. If you experience side effects after using the standardized medicines in the market or you do want to use them altogether, you can consider buying compounded medications.

Compounding pharmacies produce medication for various conditions like andropause, adrenal fatigue, pain management and wound care among others. Since the compounded prescription medicine is different from that already available in the market, you may be worried about using it. However, the Food and Drug Administration has stated that compounding drugs is ethical and legal as long as the pharmacist doing so is licensed and qualified.

Since medicinal drugs can pose health risks, this industry is heavily regulated. Individual state boards and the FDA have introduced strict guidelines to ensure that patients buying the products of these drug stores remain safe. The bulk drug substances that are used in this kind of pharmacies should be approved and safe to compound with.

Pharmacists are required to only compound medications with ingredients that are on an approved list of substances. The substances that have been proven to be unsafe or ineffective cannot be used to compound drugs. Even though pharmacies are not required to report newly discovered side effects that result from the use of compounded drugs, ethical pharmacies voluntarily report them.

Compounding pharmacists are also required to comply with high quality control standards. Their laboratories have to comply with strict facility guidelines so as to ensure that they produce each batch of drugs consistently and safely. To find out whether the pharmacy you want to buy drugs from abides by these guidelines, you can call the board of pharmacies in the state you live in. State board inspectors usually perform regular checks on batches of the drugs produced by pharmacies.

It is important to get a recommendation from your health insurance company or your doctor when seeking a drug store that compounds drugs. You can also use a directory that contains information about these pharmacies in your state. Trustworthy compounding drug stores ensure that their drugs are effective, ethical and safe. They can explain the measures they use to ensure drug safety.

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