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Looking For Gastric Sleeve Surgery Houston

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By Steven Parker

Some people may at some point, decide to lose some weight through personal choice or for medical reasons. In some instances, this will involve going on a diet, eating healthier foods and sticking to an exercise regime to get rid the extra pounds. When this approach fails, some people will be looking for gastric sleeve surgery Houston and some important things need to be taken into consideration beforehand.

After electing to go ahead with an operation, you need to locate the qualified medical experts to perform the surgery. You can find many specialized doctors listed in local phone books and most clinics now advertise on the net. After locating a clinic, you can make a convenient appointment to visit and discuss the procedure.

When you visit for the initial consultation, the doctor will discuss your needs and speak with you about your lifestyle, eating habits and general health. You are required to fill in a health questionnaire and undergo a full examination to make sure you are suitable for surgery. When the surgeons are happy with everything, they will discuss the details and costs before giving you a date for the procedure.

All types of surgery will involve risks and your consultant will tell you about theses in advance as well as the benefits of the operation. It is advisable to do some careful research before you make a final decision and most of the internet will have a testimonials page which is worth looking at. You will also have to speak with your own doctor before having your gastric sleeve procedure.

Prior to your operation, the majority of doctors in Houston, TX will ask you to talk to a qualified counselor to make sure you are making the correct choices. At these sessions you can discuss your lifestyle and address any issues which caused the weight gain. After the counseling, if everyone is happy, you are then be ready to have the procedure.

Gastric sleeve operations carry less risk than bypass surgery and the success rates will depend on the patient's individual case. This keyhole surgery usually takes approximately two hours and is done using a local anesthetic. The sleeve is fitted and reduces your stomachs capacity to hold food which means you will consume less food and feel full.

The costs of the operation will be dictated by a few things including the choice of surgeon and hospital. You are charged for the operation, your time in the hospital and any aftercare that is required. Following the operation you will have to make some follow up appointments and these costs need to be included in your total budget.

After your operation, you will probably have to make some drastic changes to your regular eating habits. Your appetite may be affected and you may not wish to eat at all due to the hormonal changes in your body. It is extremely important that after the procedure has been carried out you continue to stick to a healthy, well balanced diet and take regular exercise.

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