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How To Train Effectively For San Antonio Half Marathon

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By Susan Cox

Completing a running race requires more practice and physical fitness. It also requires energy in the bones and muscles to facilitate locomotion. For you to be fit before the racing day reaches there are several physical exercises you need to undertake. Consider the following tips on how to prepare for San Antonio half marathon.

You can start off by building a weakly mileage base of about fifteen to twenty miles. Most new runners assume that early training will automatically enable them to cross the finish line. What they need to understand is that training for a race requires commitment and consistency. Start training yourself on how to cover at least five miles every day.

Increase the number of miles you cover when running as every week passes. This will incline your body to long runs and eventually you will perform well in the half marathon. Select an effective training plan that lasts for fourteen weeks. If you are a new runner, increase the duration for you to optimize the quality of training.

Note that training plans can be classified based on the duration they take and content covered. Consequently, the amount of time you take to complete every training session also determines how effective the session will be. However, most time consuming physical exercises can be tedious. This may also result to physical injuries. Ensure that you enough rest and train wisely to avoid physical injuries.

There are several ways of increasing your running pace gradually during training. You can begin with warm up exercises as a way of preparing your muscles for a strenuous activity. Increase your pace gradually up to a certain threshold and then maintain a constant pace. This allows your body to take in more oxygen and utilize it to generate energy to be used by the muscles.

Cross training is another useful technique that you should adopt before the half marathon day. This involves performing lightweight exercises during your off running days. Exercises such as swimming, cycling and using an elliptical machine can optimize your physical fitness. These exercises also target the upper and core parts of the body hence helping you to maintain good form and fight fatigue when running.

Train with family members or colleagues to ensure that you are committed to your routine training schedules. When you seek services of a personal trainer, this expert will ask you whether you prefer training alone or with friends. Insist on training in the presence of other people. This is because when you are a member of a group, your colleagues will be a source of motivation since they encourage you to press on with training.

Find out the type of sports drink that will be provided at the half marathon. If possible, you can consume the same drink while training. Never use an energy drink that you have never drunk in a race. Try to find out the time taken for runners to be given energy drinks. Look for the elevation map for the race that is usually listed on the race website. Use this map to pinpoint areas on the race track with hills.

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