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Forms Of Water Additives For Weight Loss

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By Vernon Leach

Increased consumption of water daily is important for people battling weight loss issues. It helps increase your body metabolism rate, hold back your appetite and helps you get rid of unwanted weight. Water additives for weight loss vary from plain water or infused with vegetables and fruits, water enriched foods to diet tea.

In order to lose weight effectively, one ought to consume liquids all through the day. This will make you feel full and there will be no need to consume high-calorie snacks or beverages. Ensure you take a glass before meals. This will enhance digestion because food will be broken down and nutrients absorbed easily and fast. Also replace all the sweet beverages such as soda with low calorie beverage. This helps you not consume sugary things which contain high calorie.

Alcohol consumption accelerates weight gain especially when consumed with plenty of red meet. Consider matching equal amounts of water with alcohol consumed. Opt for lean white meet such as turkey or chicken instead of pork or red meat. Avoid high salt intake in foods as it dry up fluids in the body, rather use natural spices, herbs such as garlic to add flavor to the food. Use low sodium brands of salt if necessary as it helps hold back water in the body.

Water detox may be another good way of losing weight. Put fresh lemons, melons, cucumber herbs or pineapples and make some smoothies. Do this daily and you will not need to eat food, this detox works effectively if followed to the end, there is no need to exercise. If you are in this daily detox, to get effective outcome do not feed on solid foods. However, it is only effective for a shorter period of time.

Always take the recommended amount of fluids daily. Consume at least 64 ounces per day. Do not drink liquids in one sitting rather have breaks and take one glass before taking another and have a 9-10 breaks. Also eat plenty of water rich food such as raw fruits and vegetables. Eat lean meat such as chicken instead of red meat. Put in mind that your general lifestyle leads to healthy leaving.

You may also try following water fast for a few days. This is a temporary quick way to lose weight. This can be done by doing little fasts and continue doing it again for few weeks or months. In case you have dietary issues or health complication, this may not work for you. Eat lightly so as to get your body ready for the fast. Avoid salty foods; increase your fluids intake to help retain the body hydrated.

Once your body is ready commence your fast. Take a lot of liquids in the morning for breakfast, lunch time and dinner. Do this each day to get the desired results. In instances where you feel hungry, get herbal supplements or safe fluid additives to help balance your electrolytes in the body. With time you can add raw vegetables and lean meat to support normal body functioning.

Other fluids additives can be used to cut down weight. You may take green herbal tea or juicing diet. Consume 8 oz green tea four times daily before any meals. This helps enhance antioxidants that help you feel full hence eating less. Blend fresh fruits and leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach to make smoothies. These are a great way of cleansing the body and reducing extra fats in the body.

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