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For Affordable Lap Band Surgery Houston Should Be Given Priority

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By Cynthia Stewart

The issue of obesity has continued to be a major problem to many people all over the world, especially the United States. That has led to the invention of various techniques in an attempt to find an ultimate solution. To that end, lap band surgery was invented. This kind of surgery involves using an inflatable silicone device around the upper portion of the stomach.

Other names for the inflatable silicone gadget installed on the stomach are LAGB, A band, lap-band, and laparoscopic adjustable gastric band. The goal of this bands is to cut down on how much one is capable of consuming. This goal is attained by reducing the rate at which food absorption takes place in the stomach. To have a better understanding of lap band surgery Houston should be the city to consider visiting. This procedure is one of the bariatric surgeries used to treat obesity.

This process of treating obesity is only allowed on individuals with a body mass index, BMI, that exceeds 40. Research links loss in weight to improvement in certain medical conditions like sleep apnea, diabetes, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, and GERD. If one is suffering from any of the aforementioned conditions, they qualify for the procedure if their BMI value is higher than 35.

The pool of viable candidates for this process was increased by the FDA in 2011. Anyone who has a weight-related condition had their BMI value for qualifying as a candidate reduced to 30 from 35. This method is only advisable for use on people who have tried other methods without any positive results. Other methods include dieting, exercising, and lifestyle changes.

The process involves pacing the device around the upper portion of the stomach so as to create two pouches, the upper and lower pouches. The upper pouch is usually smaller in size compared to the lower one. With the smaller pouch in place, the amount of food one can consume in a single meal is limited, causing one to have a feeling of satiety when peptide YY is released. This process does not reduce gastric emptying time.

Installing the bands only is not enough for achieving sustained weight loss. One has to reduce their appetite, limit food intake, and choose healthy foods. The level of complexity and risk involved makes this process not the ideal approach for managing obesity. It comes with as many risks as any gastrointestinal surgical procedure and it is painful too. However, when compared to similar bariatric surgeries, this process is the least invasive.

The process is completely reversible. It can be undone through a keyhole operation. The device is installed through surgery and there is no re-routing the intestines or removing or stapling any parts of the belly. Absorption of nutrients from the stomach continues to occur normally even after the installation.

Fully biocompatible materials are used in making the bands. For that reason, there is no time limit on how long they can stay in the body because they are incapable of causing harm. Anyone who has undergone abdominal surgical procedure before cannot be operated again because it is too risky. Such people are not ideal candidates.

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