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Expert Opinion On The Benefits Swedish Bitters Offer To The Body

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By Melissa Ross

The ideas associated with the word bitter include anger, pain, disagreement, reactivity and resentment, among others with a negative connotation. How then can food products with a similar name offer any benefit to the body? Nutritionists have been working to identify the benefits Swedish bitters offer to the body. They seek to reverse a growing trend where the plate is becoming increasingly sweet denying your body the rewards of this naturally occurring bitter taste.

Natural herbs including myrrh, angelica, aloe vera and other roots and barks are used to manufacture bitter. Their proportions and flavors vary depending on brands. The most widely accepted benefit of bitter is alleviating digestive discomfort. It is the perfect solution when faced with discomfort out of bloating or excessive eating. Experts say that it stimulates production of digestive enzymes and acids that speed up the rate at which food is broken down.

Bitter is applied on the skin or surfaces after bites by insects. This application is either direct or using compresses where a little pressure is used. It helps to eliminate irritation and protects the wound from infection. To produce the best results, bitter should be applied immediately you experience the bite. It produces excellent results on a freshly bitten surface.

Bitters are also used as gargle to sooth or relief throat infection. It helps to minimize hoarseness enabling you to perform ordinary functions related to speech. About three tablespoons are added into a glass of water and used to gargle. When not gargling, half a teaspoon is added to a cup of tea and taken either thirty minutes before or after meals. You might need to take as many as six cups of tea for full recovery.

Bitter provides relief to blisters and toothache when used as mouth wash. It is prepared by diluting a tea spoon in a cup of tea or glass of water. For tooth aches, this combination is used thrice a day. You may apply bitter directly on the affected area by soaking a cotton wad and placing it on the affected area. You will have to bear with the undiluted bitter taste but you will find relief.

Experts have approved the used of bitter to deal with heart burns. It also regulates blood sugar levels as well as keeps your craving for sugar in check. It stimulates the absorption of fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K into to the body. It has also been proven to ease constipation, balance appetite and normalize bowel movement.

There are user instructions that provide guidance on the dosage and restrict people who should not take bitter products. The idea is to shield the body from harmful side effects and ensure that it is effective. Bitter produces laxative tendencies and is thus prohibited for people experiencing or recovering from diarrhea. In case you have liver or stomach problems, you should keep away from bitter. Prolonged use also leads to intestinal complications as some ingredients may cause the walls to wear out. It is advisable that you consult your primary health care provider before commencing the consumption of bitter.

Those prohibited from using bitter include pregnant women because they risk miscarriage and uterine bleeding. Nursing mothers should also not take bitter because it has secondary effects on the child. Individual herbs provide a solution to eye strain, chicken pox and allergies. To avoid damaging side effects, consult a doctor.

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