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A Handy Survival Guide To Being A Medical School Student

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By Edward Kennedy

When you have serious aspirations of becoming a licensed doctor someday, then the only way to achieve this dream and making it into a reality is by attending and finishing a degree in medicine. Higher education is a strict requirement when pursuing a medical career, so you should be adequately prepared for the journey that you shall embark for several years. That being said, here are some important details which you must look through to keep you informed.

Drop the paranoid assumption that your rather aloof instructors want to see you fail. On the contrary, they would prefer to watch you succeed and go on to become a successful physician rather than becoming a dropout and toiling away in a medical supplies store Long Island somewhere in Bay Shore, NY. Your success depends largely, of course, on sheer perseverance.

We have already established the fact that training to become a doctor is difficult, but what you might not be aware of is that it can also be quite fun. That statement might sound strange at first, but you will surely be surprised at how accurate that will be as time passes by. You will likely to enjoy learning about new things while meeting other interesting people along the way.

Much like how the military operates, there is a certain hierarchy that should be obeyed. Students must observe the pecking order within their college or university, as well as the various hospitals or clinics where they will do their internships. Deferring to high ranking individuals like teachers or attending physicians ensures that you shall stay on their good side.

Your coursework will most likely be quite demanding due to the many hours spent in classrooms and at hospitals. As such, it is imperative to sustain your health through healthy eating and sufficient rest. Overworking yourself will cause your body and mind to burn out quickly, so avoid this unfortunate situation by eating right and getting enough hours of sleep.

Apart from being a friendly presence to patients in hospitals, students must also apply a similar disposition towards the support staff. Orderlies and nurses have important roles to play in saving lives, so always treat them with the utmost level of respect. Be a nice person to them, and in return, they will make your life a lot easier to handle when doing your medical rotations.

The only thing constant in this world is change, so never say never when deciding to switch specialties as you progress through your academic tenure. It is possible that you may start out freshman year wanting to become a pediatrician but then reaching your senior year with the intention of becoming a neurosurgeon. Learn to value such changes when they materialize.

Contrary to what you might think, medical students are allowed to have social lives during their free time. Take advantage of such opportunities because this is where you could unwind and relax from the pressures of your intensive training. Never forget that old adage where all work and no play makes one a dull person, so avoid this situation by knowing how to have some fun.

Surviving the rigors of your academics is only half the battle, so you have to be fully prepared for what lies ahead after you graduate. Stick to the guidelines suggested above to achieve the desired results. Above all, enjoy the scholastic process and always trust in your intuition.

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