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Procedure Used For Hormone Replacement Therapy South Bend IN

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By Ronald Howard

With age come very many things. These include experience and wisdom among other things. At the same time also the body ceases to function as it used to earlier. Many of the organs and systems tire out and start faulting. The endocrine system is usually the first to fail especially among women reaching the age of menopause. Hormone replacement therapy South Bend IN is one way to treat this condition. This procedure can reduce the distress caused by this situation.

For menopause patients, the procedure is undertaken to reduce the anxiety associated with the moderated progesterone and estrogen flow. The procedure can also be used to prevent dementia incidences in some patients. Hormone replacement is also used by people who are considering switching gender. This person is introduced to the secretion of the gender that he or she identifies with. In other instances, replacement is used to counter the effects of hypogonadism in males. The popular secretions used in this process are estrogen and progesterone.

Women have been known to function on Oestrogen which is the main secretion in their bodies. It serves numerous functions such as aiding in the releasing of eggs as the woman ovulates, during the conceiving period and also regulation of menstrual cycles. Among other responsibilities carried out by Oestrogen are skin temperature regulation, bone density and keeping the vagina moisturized at all times. Shortage causes dryness, hot flushes and night sweats.

The female body also consists of another secretion called progesterone. This enzyme does not have any major duties apart from protecting the lining of the womb also known as endometrium. It is also known to prepare the womb of the delivery process. Lacking this element does not cause the person any damage. However, doctors cannot use pure Oestrogen, progesterone is needed to balance the two.

There are very many ways in which this treatment can be effected in South Bend, IN. The method to be used among the many depends on condition being treated. For patients who are experiencing hot flushes, the doctor is at liberty to use tablets, implants or even patches that are put under the skin of this patient. All these methods are equally effective.

For patients who are experiencing extreme cases of vaginal dryness, medical examiners prescribe Oestrogen preparations. These preparations are applied directly onto the vagina. Since this dose is quite a low one, the use of progesterone will not be necessary. Administration of this local Oestrogen is done by using vaginal rings, creams and pessaries that are placed into the local area.

This medication has no limitation when it comes to period of use. The person is directed to use until the cause for anxiety subsides. In many people, this will take a period of up to five years. After the signs and symptoms of condition have worn away, the person should discontinue the treatment gradually.

This medical procedure is suitable for any adult experiences anxiety issues except pregnant women or those with a history of cancer, blood clots, stroke or heart disease and high pressure among other things. A patient who has undergone this procedure may experience side effects such as headaches, indigestion, bloating, depression and at times fluid retention.

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