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About Hormone Therapy La Jolla, CA

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By Freida Michael

Hormonal therapy utilizes one or several of females hormones mostly progestin or estrogen and even at time testosterone in treating symptoms and signs of menopause. These include mood swings, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, decreased sexual desires and sleep disorders. The treatment can be in form of vaginal cream, injection, a ring, tablets, a patch or pill. Below is a discussion about hormone therapy La Jolla, CA.

Menopause has bothersome symptoms. This treatment works to reduce these disturbing symptoms. Some of these symptoms are hot flashes, pain on copulation and vaginal dryness. Estrogen is important in reducing symptoms of osteoporosis which come during menopause. The treatment has disadvantages of increasing risks of blood clots, cancer of the breast, heart disease and even stroke.

The client and her doctor analyses and together decide if this treatment is really necessary. The reproductive systems of women are not completely similar. Medical officer begins by asking all the relevant medical history. For those beginning the treatment, a short term, and low dose treatment of about five years is safe for any woman.

The medical practitioners have known for a long period that estrogen increases risk of getting blood clots. The risk increases when you have been prescribed to take higher doses of estrogen. The smokers have increased risk. It is not higher for clients who make use of estrogen patches.

It may be necessary for the client to try several forms the estrogen comes in before they finally find out the one that works the best for them because everyone is unique and what will work on your friend might not work for you.

It may go a long way in helping in the alleviation of bothersome menopausal symptoms above mentioned. Estrogen hormone offers protection against osteoporosis too. It should be noted that it does increase the risk of having blood clots, diseases of the heart, stroke and even breast cancer.

Those at a higher risk for heart disease, bone erosion or experiencing severe menopausal symptoms may need additional medications. Testosterone is the major supplement drug which a hormone found in high amounts in men for improving sex drive. Medications which are not hormonal in nature are at times used as supplements on top of or as a substitute to hormonal therapy.

Apart from a woman having hormonal replacement, a woman is expected to significantly change her lifestyle during menopause. Healthy eating habits and a lot of exercise are good to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and also for homeostasis and healthy muscle formation. Regular checkups are very important when having this kind of treatment. If a patient is experiencing vaginal bleeding or some other uncommon symptoms during treatment, they are advised to seek medical attention.

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