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Learn About Naturopathic Medicine Fairfield County

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By Janine Hughes

Many adults are choosing alternative medical treatment over conventional. More and more people suffering from a variety of medical conditions are choosing a more natural form of treatment. A lot of folks who are suffering with diseases like diabetes and even cancer have made the change to naturopathic medicine Fairfield County physicians offer. The number of people making the change from conventional medicine to naturopathy is increasing because folks are looking to lower or eliminate prescription drugs and invasive procedures.

It is important to understand what this alternative therapy is and its principles before you decide to make a change or use this type of medicine to compliment traditional treatment. This unconventional therapy is used as an alternative or can correspond with traditional treatments. Each individual is considered and treated as unique in their mental, emotional, spiritual, social, physical, and genetic makeup.

The alternative practice uses various treatments that are considered harmless. They typically include such treatments as massage, acupuncture, and herbs. The practitioner will encourage changes in diet, exercise, and diet to enhance the inherent ability the body has fighting disease and self healing. These physicians adhere to the six fundamental principles of naturopathy. Thee principles are very similar to traditional medicines Hippocratic Oath.

The principles of this alternative therapy can be found on the website of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. The healing philosophies of this type of therapy have several of the same principles traditional doctors adhere to. The first principle for naturopathy is to trust in the innate ability of the body to self heal. The practitioner works to encourage self healing.

Looking past underlying causes and symptoms, doctors identify the source of the illness and treat the cause. The focus is aimed at finding what is causing the symptoms in order to treat. When the cause is dealt with, symptoms will be eliminated and will not reappear. This kind of therapy is more inviting than using medications to simply cover the symptoms and never deal with the cause.

The Hippocratic Oath and the principles of naturopathy state that doctors are to do no harm when treating patients. Naturopathic practitioners use only therapies that are natural, the least toxic, and the least invasive. The doctors make every effort to use procedures that carry the least risk. They customize the plan of care to each patients unique needs. Each person is holistically treated as an individual taking in to account their physical and spiritual being.

The doctor who practices this holistic approach views his or herself as a teacher. The goal of the doctor is to teach patients how to reach and sustain their best possible health. They work with each patient to teach healthy lifestyles even though they do encourage them to be accountable for their own health. The doctor also addresses nutrition, exercise, and diet.

The focus of the naturopathic doctor is preventing disease and promoting health and wellness. They achieve this by treating the person as a whole. Health threats, using a family health history and heredity, are thoroughly evaluated to identify susceptibility to specific diseases. Using the evaluation, the practitioner is able to find the right treatment on an individual patient basis.

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